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Geir Systad

Gjesværstappan-one of the largest sea bird colonies in Northern Europe!

Gjesværstappan-one of the largest sea bird colonies in Northern Europe, is unique not only because of the total number of birds, but also because of the variety of species its spectacular scenery.
Accessibility and closeness to North Cape make this an exciting project which will contribute to the tourist industry and go some way in satisfying the thirst for knowledge. One hopes to fill the gap in conveying new knowledge about wildlife, community and culture in the north, to the tourist industry’s knowledge thirsty visitors.
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Why the need to convey knowledge and stewardship?

Norwegian research and stewardship departments have a large resource of knowledge about the coast and oceans. This knowledge should be cascaded to both the population and tourists. People who visit Gjesvær and North Cape ought to be informed as to why people live here on the edge of The Barents Sea.

Why Gjesvær and North Cape?

  • Close proximity to a rich and exciting natural environment.
  • Long history of fishing and hunting.
  • Close proximity to The Barents Sea and its important fishing, oil and gas areas.
  • The established tourist industry.
  • Global importance of this sea bird region.
  • For its important conservation status both nationally and internationally.

Why Sea Birds?

  • Because of their importance to the biological component of the ecology of The Barents Sea.
  • As indicators of the biological resources in an area.
  • As indicators of the health of the marine environment.
  • As part of the wild life experience.
  • The Barents Sea has one of the densest populations of sea birds.
  • Approximately 40 different species breed regularly in the northern parts of The Norwegian Sea and The Barents Sea.
  • Because they are specialised predators.
  • As indicators of changes in the environment.


Bjarne Riesto


Foto: Bjarne Riesto


Fotograf: Bjarne Riesto
Batliv_Foto_Bjarne Riesto


Fotograf: Bjarne Riesto